Virtual Controllers for Arduino


I am low on the learning curve....but after reading through a lot of postings I cannot find an answer (though I am sure it is in there somewhere) so... I build scientific instruments and am experimenting with a new one that uses electromagnetic actuators (low voltage and current). The instrument is currently completely powered (well, except for the LCD screen) by a single USB port and my next step is to replace the real controllers (four potentiometers, plus additional motor controllers to be added) with virtual sliders/knobs constructed in flash or maybe wxpython, and have them talking to the Arduino. Since I code like a child and am brand new to the Arduino universe, I was wondering if there is a library of virtual controllers already created in Flash (or other language) that I could use as a starting point. Any guidance would be HUGELY appreciated!

I remember some cool stuff like that showcased on this forum. I believe it was posted here...

Unfortunately, I can't think of any keywords to use in a search.

Thanks - I am scanning through those posts now - sure are a lot of them! So many cool devices -