Virtual Game Controller for Windows?

I want to prototype a game controller using the arduino WITHOUT simulating a USB HID device, but rather through a virtual game controller driver for windows (i don't care about other platforms). Does anyone know of such a windows driver and/or project? Maybe a generic serial game controller driver?

the teensy
can use arduino sketches and supports usb on chip (no serial converter, can be programed as an h.i.d.)

As far as I can see, that is exactly what I said I DON'T want to do. How does the teensy let me use a standard arduino for game controller prototyping via a serial windows game controller driver?

my bad, i just kinda skimmed through and read game controller prototyping.

what about ppjoy

i know it says alot about parallel ports blah blah blah. but if i recall theres a mode where you send it a serial stream (through a serial port of course) and it’l translate it into a gamepad equivalent.

edit: heres a relevant forum entry