Virtual USB keyboard - unknown device


I built a circuit on a breadboard to connect an arduino as a keyboard to usb.

I use this: with this code:

If I connect the arduino-usb-circuit with the usb-port my win 7 (64bit) says: unknown device

My IDE is 0019.

I use this diodes:;ACTION=3;LA=444;GROUP=A421;GROUPID=2993;ARTICLE=23127;START=0;SORT=artnr;OFFSET=16;SID=311-NV8KwQAR8AAHFXz@wc959cff0f3c190d345e3260a94b378fb Zener-Diode 0,5W 3,6V

Any ideas?

@ Richard Crowley

You misunderstand me. The problem is NOT that my arduino board isn´t recognized.

The problem is that my built USB-Circuit - shown as Virtual USB Keyboard Schematic isn´t recognized.

I don't know why, but all of your links have ftp:// in front of them. (Perhaps you are clicking the "insert ftp link" button and not the "insert hyperlink" button.)

If the code is unmodified, then have you verified you have wired the signals to D+ and D- correctly? Did you connect the diodes with the proper orientation?

You might try plugging into a USB hub instead of directly into a computer's USB port. If you have one available, you might even try a USB 1.1 hub (to help force the link from going to 2.0 speeds.)


I don't know why, but all of your links have ftp:// in front of them.

You´re right. Now it´s "url". Thanks!

Wiring is correct.

No 1.1 USB hub available!

The diodes are correct?

A random thought I had:

You might try powering the Arduino externally before attaching it to USB.

The bootloader pauses for 1-2 seconds after power is first applied. During this time, your PC (either the OS or the USB Host chip) isn't seeing proper activity from the Arduino.

I got it! :slight_smile:

It was my fault. I used a 22k (red-red-orange) and not a 2k2 (red-red-red) resistor. :o Sorry guys and many thanks for your help!