Virtual Wire in Half Duplex for DR3100

Anyone tried using Virtual Wire in Half duplex mode? I've seen cheap radios supporting virtual wire like the RX-B1 (receive only) and TX-C1 (transmit only), but also DR3100 which is a transceiver. They seem to have lower current requirements which means better battery life. I'm particurlarly interested in DR31000's performance. Any experience out there?

Virtualwire can only do half duplex. It can’t transmit & receive at the same time (full duplex). The DR3100 can only transmit or receive as well:
“CTR1 is connected to the CNTRL1 control pin on the transceiver. CTR1 and CTR0 select the transceiver operating modes:
CTR1 and CTR0 both high place the unit in the receive mode.
CTR1 and CTR0 both low place the unit in the power-down (sleep) mode.
CTR1 high and CTR0 low place the unit in the ASK transmit mode.
CTR1 low and CTR0 high place the unit in the OOK transmit mode.”
You will need to add control of these 2 pins into your sketch. The Virtual wire library contains support for a Push To Talk pin. I don’t know if that brings the associated pin low while transmitting; if not, you will have to do that as part of your sketch before the send command is used.

Wow, the DR3100 is expensive too: