VirtualWire.h - Wire.h - IRremote.h conflict?


Working on a project where im using Ken Shirriffs IR-library dev-version
with support for multiple IR-receivers. Its working as desired. 4 different IR-receivers.

Want to send a string with RF433 from Arduino with IR-library so i added VirtualWire and got totally unpredicted results. Tried with just VirtualWire-code sending bytes between two Arduinos and it works. Figured there is somekind of conflict and decided to use another Arduino connected to first one with i2c and sending string with R433Mhz no inteferering with infrared-library

Like this:
Arduino Nr 1 collecting IR-hits and sending "hitstring" using i2c to -> Arduino Nr 2 with both wire.h and virtualwire. This Arduino sends string with RF433 to an Arduino connected to a PC.

As soon as i enter RF-sending code my first Arduino hung communicating ?!

Conflicts using virtualwire with 2 different libraries? Timerprobs? Better to use bluetooth or Xbee??