Visi genie and car radio

Hi all this is a first time post so I just wanted to say thanks for any help/advice you might provide.

I am new to arduino but understand most of the basics. I'm looking at building a custom head unit from the 4.3" touch screen from 4d systems using visi genie software. So far I have the radio breakout board from spark fun (si4703) and the 4.3" touch screen from 4Dsystems. Creating the GUI and uploading it to a micro as card with visor genie is pretty straight forward.i understand 85% of The example code for the si4703

I'm just having trouble with the coding part for the screen ,joining the visi genie, arduino and the radio code.

Any and all help is welcomed thanks for your time

You say you are having trouble with parts. What have you got working?

Divide the project into small sections and get each bit going individually then combine.