Vista Home Deluxe

I d/l the Arduino 0011 files and tried unsuccessfully to get the Windows driver installed on Vista Home Deluxe. It doesn’t see any “new hardware” and I can’t click/run the driver install directly, either. What to do?

Have you used the “Run as Administrator” context menu to install the driver?

No. There doesn’t seem to be any “.exe” files other than the uninstall FTDIUNIN.EXE. The pc doesnt’ recognize the hardware when I plug it in. When I did the 1st time, it did invoke the wizard but quickly found something and said it was “successfully” installed. It might have been another driver for a USB-to-serial adapter. I since disabled that driver and ran the uninstall (above) for this. Now, when I plug it in, nothing happens at all.

Try plugging the Arduino in a different USB Root Hub on your computer.

By that I mean, plug it into a different USB port. Sometimes a Root Hub will be pre-split into 2 or more ports. So if you have it plugged into one of the ports in the front of your computer, try a port in the back (or vice versa).

Also, you could try turning off UAC (User Account Control), though that is Vista’s new security system so I would not recommend it. But in my honest opinion it is more of a hassle than a blessing. :-/

Hope that helps!

I removed and disabled a number of USB and COM/LPT drivers in Device Manager and got past this problem. Thanks for your replies.