Visual Basic + Arduino

I'm new to Arduino, not to Visual Basic...

I want to write a simple Visaul Basic program with four buttons(ON/OFFF) to control four LED's on my breadboard connected to the arduino...

How do I do it?

Does the Arduino need coding too?
How do I write a DigitilWrite(pinNumber, HIGH) in visual basic, with Pin, Value, Port...

Thank you,
it would be great if you could tell me how to do it...

The answer depends on which version of Visual Basic you want to talk to.

There have been a couple of threads this week, talking about VB and Arduino. Spend much time searching?

I'm using Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition, and I couldn't find out how firmata works, isn't there an easier way?


VB can talk to the serial port. So can the Arduino. All you need to do is write data, from the VB app in such a way that the Arduino can understand it, and process the data, if any, sent back by the Arduino.

On the Arduino, you need to read data sent to the serial port, and do what it says to do.