Visual higher level programming simulators?

I'm looking for a programming environment that uses graphical blocks (e.g. like TinkerCAD Arduino) or at least a more user friendly higher level language (i.e. something more akin to English). Can anyone recommend anything?
The tinkerCAD is ok but I've found it full of a bugs.

I'm not looking to learn C++, I just want to be able to get done what I want to get done as quickly as possible (trying to control a motor and encoder with proportional control feedback).

The first person who can suggest an easy to programme suggestion gets 1000 good karma points! :slight_smile:

thanks all

Search for Visuino. The creator is also hanging around on the forum.

Thanks. I will download and see how I get on and report back in case anyone else is looking for this solution.

OK I have Visuino working and it does indeed look very effective. However, what would be ideal is to feed the compiled Ardino code into an Ardino/breadboard simulator. E.g. I write the code for a motor encoder reader code and I'd like to see this work in a simulator first - is that possible?

thanks so much for Viuino, it is great (1/2 hour later and I can programme!) :slight_smile:

Spoke too soon. How do I use the encoder module? I want to have code that reads the motor's built in rotary encoder. But when I select the encoder, e.g. clock A will only allow connection to outputs on the Arduino... surely that should be digital inputs?.

Not sure how many Visuino users are on the forum. I've rarely seen it discussed. You may have to purse answers with Visuino as this forum is geared to helping people write their own code.

Simulators that include simulating the code running on the arduino don’t have a great reputation - there are tools, I think Proteus is one of them, but they have a reputation for behaving in ways subtly different from the actual hardware.

The best way to test the code is with the real hardware.

You can try Sign in - Google Accounts found the link in an older thread, so not sure how valid it still is.

Else you can PM user mitov, the creator of Visuino; quite sure that he's willing to to tell you where to go.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I’m not a coder, not overly keen to learn, limited ability and want results fast (too impatient) so I can get my hardware working :slight_smile:

Try posting over at Gigs and Collaborations. Perhaps someone there will write code for you -- for a fee.