Visual Micro In Visual Studio Toolbar not showing

Hi everyone, I had problems during install, not following instructions properly, and ended up uninstalling the Visual micro for arduino and the Debugger and starting again. After this I was able to successfully upload to the board but the toolbar was just blank, rather than displaying the board type and serial port. Can anyone help me???

Ok I have solved the problem, and will just leave for those who may encounter this problem later on when trying Visual Micro. 1) Open Visual Studio. Navigate to Tools->Options 2) Now, in the options menu select the Environment sub-heading drop down arrow on the left (was automatically selected for me) 3) Click on Addin/Macros security Sub-sub-heading thing and click on the Visual Micro for Arduino path, and remove it 4) Close Visual Studio 5) Now go into Control Panel Add/Remove Programs page and choose to repair both Visual Micro for Arduino and Visual Micro Debugger. (I did it in that order, and I believe that it is necessary to do so in that order)

Mainly posting this so that if anyone encounters the problem before it is fixed or put on the Visual Micro FAQ they will be able to fix it. It took me ages :astonished:

If you encounter this problem please click "Tools>Visual Micro>reset user Interface"

It sometimes happens if you un-install then run the ide then re-install or if you install Visual Micro into a different location than it was previously installed.