Visual Micro Installation


So i have gotten a little bit sick of the multiple windows for having multiple files with the arduino IDE so I was looking to move my arduino programming to Visual C++ as I have worked with this before. I found a pluggin that is meant to solve all of the normal definition problems associated and also allow uploading (as far as I can tell).

However, I can't seem to get it to work correctly.

Current IDE: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express Plugin: version 27 provided here:

I originally found reference to the plugin here:

I have downloaded the file and installed it, however when i follow the instructions on the above link and try to create a new project I cannot find the described arduino template.

I have read this: but it doens't offer much help and the link titled "new users please read" doesn't appear to be up. as far as i can tell the site doesn't appear to be up.

Any suggestions?

Cheers, David

If you look on the left side of the the Visual Micro documentation page you linked to, the System Requirements show this:

System Requirements
For Use

Visual Studio 2008 or 2010 SP1 (not express versions), with C++, C# and VB.NET
.NET3.5 or .NET 4.0
Arduino Development Tool (Must run once after install and before using the addin)
Microsoft Windows

It’s working now.

Current IDE: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express

That would be the problem.


Ah, I see, thanks guys.


For anyone else reading this article. Microsoft have released Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition which is free and works well with Visual Micro.

The older free "Express" version of Visual Studio did not work because at the time of its release Microsoft prevented plugins from working with it.

So Visual Studio 2013 Community is a good solution or Atmel Studio which is slightly better for pure Arduino development and based on Visual Studio.

Please see more at