Visual Micro - Libraries linked to project instead of the whole plugin


I've recently started using Visual Micro in Visual Studio Community 2015. I have been programming a quadcopter, and I'm porting the code from an Arduino UNO to an Arduino 101.

To port my code to this new board I need to change some self written libraries my code depends on, so I've decided to create two different 'Sketchbook Locations' as you would use in the Arduino IDE.

Now in Visual Studio with Visual Micro, I would like to create a solution with these two projects: One with the code for the Arduino UNO, and one project with the code for the Arduino 101.
Now my question is: Can I setup these projects so that they can be compiled with the according libraries, without switching libraries in the Visual Micro plugin all the time? I could not find information on the Internet, I think because people are most of the time mainly developing for one and the same board.

I am looking forward to your answer!


Are there no #defines which tell you which compile you are doing so that you can conditionally compile code in the library itself?


Marco gives best solution but for the record ...

Visual Micro also supports local project libraries so each project can have it's own libraries without need to change the sketchbook folder.

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Thanks :slight_smile: