[Visual Studio 2010] Couldn't determine program size

hey guys have some problem with VS i cant build my solution im getting this error

Compiling 'H-Bridge' for 'Arduino Mega 2560 or Mega ADK'
core.a(main.cpp.o)* : : In function `main':
main.cpp : undefined reference to `setup'
main.cpp : undefined reference to `loop'
avr-objcopy* : : 'C:\Users\THX\AppData\Local\VMicro\Arduino\Builds\H-Bridge\mega2560\H-Bridge.elf': No such file
avr-objcopy* : : 'C:\Users\THX\AppData\Local\VMicro\Arduino\Builds\H-Bridge\mega2560\H-Bridge.elf': No such file
Couldn't determine program size:

on arduino its compiling without any issue can some one help

Hi there, sounds like a setup problem. You will get help on the Visual Micro forum.

Did you register yet? http://www.visualmicro.com


yes but didint get answer and this is my second VS project, previous didint make any fuse when i compile it and play with debug

Hi, your registration request was received a few minutes ago and you should now have access to the forum.

You have also not signed up for the debug program so you will not have the debug upgrade installed.

When you have your system compiling correctly feel free to apply for the debug tool


All sorted now? Enjoying the system?


yep your where a big help