Visual Studio not compatible

Hi all

I'm using Arduino Zero with a Dragino LORA RF shield.

The exampel rf95_server is part of the radiohead library. This example raises an compiler error at the
statement RH_RF95 rf95; which is just after the includes. The type RH_RF95 doesn't seem to be known. Using the compiler of Arduino causes no error.

Is there a solution to have it compiled in Visual Studio?

Using the statement //#define Serial SerialUSB as requested for Arduino Zero causes the Arduino to crash. But it works fine without this statement. Where should I send this bug?

Thank you for tipps and answers

// rf95_server.pde
// -- mode: C++ --
// Example sketch showing how to create a simple messageing server
// with the RH_RF95 class. RH_RF95 class does not provide for addressing or
// reliability, so you should only use RH_RF95 if you do not need the higher
// level messaging abilities.
// It is designed to work with the other example rf95_client
// Tested with Anarduino MiniWirelessLoRa, Rocket Scream Mini Ultra Pro with
// the RFM95W, Adafruit Feather M0 with RFM95

#include <SPI.h>
#include <RH_RF95.h>

// Singleton instance of the radio driver
RH_RF95 rf95; // this line causes in Visual Stuido an error, but works with the Arduino compiler
//RH_RF95 rf95(5, 2); // Rocket Scream Mini Ultra Pro with the RFM95W
//RH_RF95 rf95(8, 3); // Adafruit Feather M0 with RFM95

// Need this on Arduino Zero with SerialUSB port (eg RocketScream Mini Ultra Pro)
//#define Serial SerialUSB

int led = 9;

void setup()
// Rocket Scream Mini Ultra Pro with the RFM95W only:
// Ensure serial flash is not interfering with radio communication on SPI bus
// pinMode(4, OUTPUT);
// digitalWrite(4, HIGH);

Arduino code cant run in Visual studio without the required Arduino plugin. I tried once or twice but mostly I deal with Arduino IDE.