Visualize High Frequency PWM

Hi Everyone,

As a newbie, I am playing with various timer functionalities provided with an Arduino Uno. Currently, I have written a small piece of code to produce a high frequency PWM (5kHz). The idea of the project I have in my mind will have those high frequency signals. I was wondering, just to satisfy my curiosity and not to take anything for granted till I see it myself, how I can visualize the PWM signal. It could be real-time or saving a piece of the signal and viewing it later in a plotting tool.

Any suggestions or ideas?


PS: Currently I do not have an oscilloscope. So, that option goes out of the window.

Output it as audio, use a mic & view it with Visual Analyzer on your PC
PC sound card can do 44.1K sampling, so 5K won't look too bad. Might not be very square-wavish after going thru a speaker.

I am not sure what you mean, do you want the arduino to output some visual indication or do you want a test tool like an osciloscope to see if you are getting it right?
I did an animated picture of a PWM signal on this page

You did not say how you produced it but altering the timer values is the best way as there is no processor overhead.