Visualizing fringes by using oscilloscope with HC-SR04

Hi. I am Harry and I’ve been working on my highschool project that visualizes ultrasonic interference fringes by Arduino.

Would you give a guide to connect HC-SR04’s output voltage(not ECHO’s voltage) to oscilloscope? Some said to me to link the receiver and gnd to the oscilloscope, but I don’t know the receiver is.


The following links have all you need to know about that sensor:

Good luck.

PS: sensors from different manufacturers are similar but not necessarily identical; as pointed out in at least one of the articles, different manufacturers use different circuits.

Thank you for your interest. Btw I can't figure out the way to "Capture the waveforms from the circuit". Any idea?

Learn how to read a schematic and a printed circuit board. Then read the articles carefully. Or vice versa. Then you will know where to put your o-scope probe to read the "raw" receiver analog output voltage (and not the digital output signal on the echo pin).

BTW, you didn't post much about your assignment, but my sense is that the project is futile with the HC-SR04, even if you figure out how to read the receiver's analog signal. What does "visualize ultrasonic interference fringes by Arduino" mean?

The sensor returns a digital signal that an echo pulse has been received.

How do you imagine that this signal might be related to “interference fringes”?