Visuino and RTC DS1307

Hi everyone,

C:\Users\Username\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Mitov/Mitov_RTC_DS1307.h:157:62: error:
'FromDecToBcd' was not declared in this scope

Why do you want to use that Mitov_RTC_DS1307 library?
Who suggested it to you? Where did you obtain it?

Why don't you simply use one of theRTC libraries which are well-known, well-tested and commonly used with Arduino boards?

Thank you for reporting the problem. If I am not mistaken, you sent me e-mail and I sent you a fixed version. The fix will be in the next release hopefully tomorrow. If it was another person that sent the e-mail, and you need the updated file, please contact me at, and I will send you the updated files.