Vivarium Idea (complete novice)

Hi all,

Let me just start by saying I have zero experience in electronics but am an IT profesional an am willing to learn.

In around 2 months time I want to get a cornsnake and was thinking about building a vivarium with a bit of tech involved.

I’d like a temperature/humidity regulation feature and some timed lighting effects.

Can anyone suggest where I start, and any other features that would make a vivarium something slightly cooler than just a box?



You can get combined humidity / temp. sensor from Sparkfun.

It interfaces to Arduino with two wire interface.

How to control humidity after measuring it well i dont know…

Controling lights and heating via relays should be pretty easy.

You could even hook up a light sensor and adjust the light after the amount of ambient light in the room.

Google Arduino + relay to get ideas.

Humidity can be increased by spraying water and decreased by having a pelter cooling device to condense water out of the air.

Just a note of caution, several arduino plant watering systems have resulted in dead plants.

Before committing a living creature to your design give it a good testing of at least two weeks first.

I’ve been thinking about this as well. Timed lighting would be easier to control with one of those automatic timers then connected to a relay for arduino override control. If the temperature is too high, turn the relay off. For humidity - A pump connected to a spritzer, if humidity is low turn pump on for 5 minutes, wait 5 minutes, retest humidity. I’m making a vivarium for some poison dart frogs soon.

I keep vivariums at home and there are a number of things that I use timers for that I would much rather have an arduino controlling.

Humidity is currently controlled by a timed ultrasonic mister (you can modify a very cheap wallgreens ‘cool mist humidifier’ with a piece of pool hose to make a great ultrasonic mister for moss etc). I would prefer some sort of sensor to detect humidity and turn the mister on and off accordingly.

Temperature is a problem in my vivs. I have fans which I rarely use, even though my tanks often get too hot due to lights, because if I leave the fans on too long they dry out the tank. If I had momentary fans based on temperature readings, or some other temperature control (ice probe aquarium cooler in the water? I don’t know.) that would be great.

Lighting is currently a timer with several full spectrum plant lights during the day and a strip of blue led’s at night. It would be cool to have a MaxM or other powerful rgb LED simulate a gradual shift into the night phase in addition to the day lights.

Water level: the water feature evaporates quickly due to the lights. It would be nice to have this monitored and regulated by an arduino controlled pump and reservoir.