Vizic SmartGPU2 480X320 LCD w/ Audio. Uno y Due compatible.

Folks, I received an email from Vizic about their newest Smart LCD. (I have used the original 2.4" 320X240 model successfully on the UNO and found it so easy to work with).

This SmartGPU2 is interesting for a couple of different reasons: 1. 4280X320 is a decent resolution. 2. Has a Touch Screen. 3. Has a SDCard interface that supports 32bit fat long file names (display .jpg and .bmp and play .vid and .wav) 4. Has an audio controller with a built in 3.5 Jack or you can use pins. 5. Has a configurable pwn backlight (for dimming). 6. The libraries support geometries and primitives similar to Henning LCD libraries 7 3.3v and 5v I/O compatible. 8 Uses the Arduino serial interface, simply passing commands to the onboard host controller. 9 Host controller is an Atmel ARM Cortex 3M processor (similar to DUE), that does the heavy lifting for the file system, video, audio and touch. 10 $125 USD Price.

The gotcha, straight away is the Price. But there are a few cases where this is not a bad deal. Particularly in an advanced application where one was considering seperating UI elements from Control elements.... ei... two independent Arduinos....linked together. A cheap ColdTears LCD 3.5" is $33. A Shield is $10, A cheap audio solution is $5, a cheap Arduino Mega clone is $20. So you're up to $70 already, but it's a hodge podge of parts that you must integrate. If your building a one off or a few protypes... the extra $50 is probably not a bad deal for the integration and simplification. I love the idea of just using a few pins on one DUE and that's it.

I've written the company and asked them if they are considering adopting a 5" 800X480 panel and applying the entire feature set of their SmartGPU2 3.5" 480X3420LCD model.

Has anyone used this product?

SmartGPU I like a long time, but I have no use for such a display. However, smart independent 5" or 7" display - that would be a challenge!