VL53L0X - Surface Vibration Frequency Meter

Hello Guys,

I hope you all are doing well.

I am working on a project that with the VL53L0X ToF Sensor and ESP modules.
The sensor works great and i am trying to get deeper into its reads because what i need.

I am trying to build a frequency meter using the VL53L0X, to take small vibrations of a surface (starting from 50Hz). I have been trying to read millimeters and put them in a array and making the maths to calculate the frequency, but no luck.

Is there any way to read the raw data of the receiver (SPAD) ? Maybe starting a countinous read for 1000ms and getting each signal read and its strenght… i dont know.

Or maybe if there is a way to measure the travel time of the signal or the time spent to the signal get from the emitter to the receiver, i could put it in a array to calculate frequency.

Normal frequency calc libs are not working on the ESP module because most of them require AVR that is not supported on ESP modules.

Would you guys be able to help me to achieve this or how to get the proper information of the sensor?

Thank you!

You need to set the sensor in very high speed mode for 50 Hz vibrations (at least 100 Hz).

I can't find this speed in the datasheet (I have found a reference that claims it can do 400 Hz), but section 5.3 gives an error of 5% for the 20 ms integration time (i.e. 50 Hz).