VL6180 TOF Sensor GPIO1 programming


I'm using for some time these type of TOF LIDAR sensors (the VL53L0 and the VL6180) and they work nicely with the library provided from adafruit or polulu.

I want to make the VL6180 to wake an arduino from sleep. In all libraries I searched, the developers didn't included the VL6180 GPIO1 configurable pin,to make it an active interrupt pin.

I've searched the datasheet for this sensor and I don't have experience in low level programming, so although there are instructions on how to perform this configuration, it's now beyond my skills, on how to implement this.

Does anyone managed to make that GPIO1 pin work as an interrupt for an arduino? So an arduino could be awaken from an output from the sensor?

I've searched and searched and had no luck so far for something already done.

Or anyone with enough skills could point me a way on how to do it?

Thanks so much, Rodrigo