VL6180X ambient light sensing

I'm searching for a fast I2c ambient light sensor to use as a flash meter for photography.
It needs a fast integration time as typical camera sync times are 1/60s - 1/250s but can go as high as 1/1800 for the medium format cameras.

The sensor needs to accumulate light over the time it takes for the shutter to operate.
I have looked at the TSL2561 and the TSL2591 and at least 10 other bits of silicone to find
the VL6180x that can have an integration time of 1ms to 256 ms set by a I2c command.

there is even a sketch that demonstrates its use. But 1ms is still too slow :frowning: to match a 1/1800 sync speed.

I thought of using an opamp with a Capacitor as the integrator, but there would have to be a different circuit for each duration that I would want to sync. My knowledge of circuit design could do with some improvement.

So is there an anologue or digital solution to this problem?