VOCSensor (Figaro TGS 2620) doesn´t react!!

Hi everybody,

i´m neu in this forum :) and need help.

I want to measure the concentration of VOC Gas in a test chamber and bought the sensor Figaro TGS 2602. After fixing it on the arduino i´ve got the value (without calibration) 1022 then nothing more. The sensor staid at that value.

Question: 1- Why is the value so high? 2- Why does the sensor not react anymore? (afther blowing on it) 3- How can do the calibration? i´ve already red the datasheet, but i´m not understanding it 4- the sensor is very hot, why?

thanks for the answers

What value of load resistor did you select?

Hi ,

Sorry for the late answer. i found the solution, it was this resistor, i took a 10kohms instead of 2kohms.

Does anybody know how i can develop a formula to calibrate this sensor.