voice activated playback...

I am looking to find /have someone create an arduino /other device, that I can record on voice, and have it playback using voice activation.

would appreciate to hear if you know of an already existing arduino /device that can do so, or if you feel you can do such a arduino device.


Hi TBone, you might want to look at this: Overview | Wave Shield Voice Changer | Adafruit Learning System

Recording voice on an arduino is going to take up a lot of memory but with the wave shield you can store your voices onto an SD card. The shield will also let you plug in some headphones/speakers. Attach a mic and your on your way.

Thanks ... but will I be able to playback the pre recording file/s on using voice activation (ex. "next" etc).

These are the options I know of as far as voice activation.

BitVoicer: http://www.bitsophia.com/BitVoicer.aspx
This is a simply guide on BitVoicer you might find useful: http://www.instructables.com/id/Speech-Recognition-with-Arduino/
The only negative about using BitVoicer is your arduino would need to remain hooked up to a computer for the voice activation to work.

Bluetooth Modules: This guide should get you started http://www.instructables.com/id/Voice-Activated-Arduino-Bluetooth-Android/
The negative about this is that you need a cell phone that has bluetooth capabilities (android, iphone, etc) and you would be talking to your phone instead of through your mic (you wouldn't need to purchase the mic in this case).

Last option, easyVR: EasyVR 3 Plus Shield for Arduino - COM-15453 - SparkFun Electronics
I just found this item, i don't know much about it unfortunately. But from the description it looks like you can use this for audio output and input (so you won't need the adafruit wave shield I first linked at all). Again, I don't know much about this product..

Thank you much... I appreciate it, I started to look and will take a closer look... thanks :slight_smile: