voice based password protected safty room

by using ardunio UNO R3 hc-05 Bluetooth module

  • android phone(android meets robots app)

by using ardunio UNO R3 hc-05 Bluetooth module

  • android phone(android meets robots app)

Did you have a question?

Who's voice is supposed to allow access to the room?


it contains 4 password commands and,one close the door command

case 1: if 4 passwords are matched then opens the door,
by saying close: door will be closed

case2: if we say wrong password 5 times in 1 minute the alarm will be activated.

it is inspiration from this project only:

i want program for it


Will the user be require to scream their password?

it is inspiration from this project only:

So, what part is it you need help with?

i want code for it, if we give 4 passwords from android phone output pins 2,3,4,5 goes to high for 50seconds

if we give close command to it ,pin6 goes to high for 50 sec
if we give password wrong 5 times in 60 seconds pin 7 goes high for long time until power off
sorry for my english

If you want to pay someone to write the code for you, you need to be over at Gigs and Collaborations. Otherwise please post the code you have along with details of the hardware you are using and how it is connected together.

i am inspired from above project(that link),

i have ardunio uno r3
hc-05 bluetooth module
dc motor
10 LED s

both the code and the App used in the video are provided in Steps 5 and 6.

Try them first then try to make your own. If you get stuck, post the code and any pictures and we will try to help you.

yeah, i already do that project, but i unable to write program for my project

because i am new to ardunio, plz can u help

What have you tried already? Do you have any code that you have worked on?

i have ardunio uno r3
hc-05 bluetooth module
dc motor
10 LED s

The dc motor is easy but you need a driver or shield to use it. 10 Leds are easy too, but what does etc include? A washing machine, toaster, garage door . . . ?

etc means
L293D h bridge
7408 and gate ic s
7404 not gate ic s
7805 5 volts regulator
9 volts battery's
can u plz code for it

I can write A code but I can't test it (I have an iPhone), nor do I know exactly what your trying to do or how you want it to work. What is the motor supposed to do, what do the LED output, why do you need the AND and NOT gates?

I'm not so sure this is the type of thing you want to do with an arduino, especially if its for a safety room.

I don't want to be held responsible in the event the safety room turns out to be not so safe.

If the DC motor is to lock/unlock a door or window, you're better off using a servo instead.

i want program for it

This is not a program writing service. This is a help forum. If you need help learning how to program we can help you but we're not going to write your program for you.

//Voice Activated Arduino (Bluetooth + Android)
//Feel free to modify it but remember to give credit

String voice;
led1 = 2, //Connect LED 1 To Pin #2
led2 = 3, //Connect LED 2 To Pin #3
led3 = 4, //Connect LED 3 To Pin #4
led4 = 5, //Connect LED 4 To Pin #5
led5 = 6, //Connect LED 5 To Pin #6
led6 = 7;
//--------------------------Call A Function-------------------------------//
void setup() {
pinMode(led1, OUTPUT);
pinMode(led2, OUTPUT);
pinMode(led3, OUTPUT);
pinMode(led4, OUTPUT);
pinMode(led5, OUTPUT);
pinMode(led6, OUTPUT);
void loop() {
while (Serial.available()){ //Check if there is an available byte to read
delay(10); //Delay added to make thing stable
char c = Serial.read(); //Conduct a serial read
if (c == '#') {
} //Exit the loop when the # is detected after the word
voice += c; //Shorthand for voice = voice + c
if (voice.length() > 0) {

if(voice == "hi world") {
digitalWrite(led1, HIGH);
else if(voice == "
i am abhinav") {
digitalWrite(led2, HIGH);
else if(voice == "*no password") {
digitalWrite(led3, HIGH);
else if(voice == "*open the door") {
digitalWrite(led4, HIGH);

else if(voice == "*close") {
digitalWrite(led5, HIGH);

else if(led1 == HIGH && led2 == HIGH && led3 == HIGH && led4 == HIGH)

digitalWrite(led1, LOW);
digitalWrite(led2, LOW);
digitalWrite(led3, LOW);
digitalWrite(led4, LOW);
for (int i=0; i <= 10; i++){
} //Reset the variable after initiating

this is correct program or not,

i mean it works properly or not

We have no idea what your saying. If you are asking questions you need to include a question mark ???

Are you familiar with that concept ?

can u plz code for it

NO !
This is not a program writing service. This is a help forum. You are not asking for help. You are asking us to do your work for you.
It doesn't work that way.
Do your own homework.

thank you