Voice communication - Arduino? Wifi?


You know very Arduino, can you help me?
I am looking to establish a voice communication between a vehicle (such as a Kart) and a control base. With the Arduino I can do this?
How was the communication? Wi-fi would be a possibility?
If not, the Raspberry Pi would be an option?

Would you like to show me the way for me to continue with my studies.

An Arduino probably is too underpowered for this application. As for Raspberry Pi, you need to ask over at their forum. You might also look up Beaglebone Black, which seems to get accolades as well.

The most obvious solution would be to buy a walkie-talkie system.
The next most obvious solution would be to use a mobile phone.

Thank you for answers.

@ MichaelMeissner, I will search further using other means.
@ PeterH, thanks for the "obvious solutions".