Voice control for your arduino projects?? Say no more!!

Have you ever wanted to control your arduino projects via voice? I wanted to do so, and because of that, developed an android application for this sometime in 2016. I successfully demo-ed the app by using it control a servo driven robot at an event in my university then, and since forgot about the project. I recently uploaded the app to the Google Play Store and would love this community's feedback.

Currently, the app takes in any number of predefined voice commands, then sends a value you have mapped to that command over bluetooth to your Arduino hardware.

For example, if you want to issue a "drive forward" command to your arduino robot, you would enter "drive forward" as a new entry in the commands list, with a command value you want to send to your hardware.

You can also map multiple words to a single command. For instance, "move forward" can be mapped to "drive forward" and "reverse" can be mapped to "drive backwards".

All you need to do is enter your command name and value, and the app would send the value to your hardware once it processes its equivalent command name.

If you say a command and it isn't in your defined commands list, a pop over screen would be displayed allowing you select what command to map it to. Subsequently, saying the alternate command would always send the value to your robot.

You can download the app from the Google play store to try it out by clicking this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fideleapps.ardutalk, the name of the app is Ardutalk. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.