voice controlled game controller for disabled

hello, my names david and I'm new to the arduino world and would like some advice on a project that i would like to complete. I've been a quadriplegic for 4 years now after a diving accident left 90 percent of my body paralyzed, including my fingers and hands. however i can use my arms somewhat but without finger movement this makes playing video games rather difficult. especially the fast paced games. so here are my thoughts and goals of my project. i would like to wire all of the buttons of my xbox controller into an arduino board and then be able to activate the buttons by voice control by saying whatever word i have mapped to each button. shouldn't be too hard but my questions are: what arduino board do i purchase, what voice recognition hardware is the best for this, will the voice recognition activate the buttons quick enough for fast paced games, and whats the best way to program the board? also i would like to be able to do my voice activation through a headset. any advice would be greatly appreciated! thanks.

Hi David and welcome.

I'm no expert on voice recognition or disabled adaptations. But as a user of voice enabled devices such as my car and smartphone, I have to say that it will quite a few more years before they could be described as either fast or accurate.

If you have some movement, I would think that making best possible use of that would be much more responsive and satisfactory. Acceleration and gyroscopic sensors are cheap, highly sensitive, fast-reacting and easy to connect to Arduino. They are tiny and multiple devices could be strapped to upper/lower arms, head etc.

Hope this suggestion gives you some alternative ideas. Good luck!


I've not used it myself but there is a module called easyVR that Sparkfun sells that is probably your best bet.

yes i ordered the mega 2560 and want to order the easyvr shield, however is spark fun a reliable site to order from?

I've not ordered from Sparkfun myself, but they have been going for quite a while from what I recall. But as I don't live in the USA, shipping is too expensive for me.

However they appear to be the only place selling the EasyVR shield,

There are some different ./ cheaper ones from eBay vendors e.g


But they appear to be a different module.

Perhaps someone else on the forum can comment on the EasyVR versus the Geetech module ???