Voice input to control servo or stepper

I am unable to find any information on my project to speak into a microphone and have a servo or stepper move a large jaw in response to the voice.

All the PWM and PPM stuff only talk about midi's and waves not direct voice control of servo.

I am an extreme newby at microcontrollers.

You want a microphone, then an amplifier followed by an envelope follower circuit. This then connects to an analogue input, which you read with software and apply the results through the map function to set the servo's angle.

I did the same sort of thing only in LEDs for this robot translator:- http://youtu.be/pL0pMAPkkVw

HazardsMind: What about maybe using an Easyvr voice recognition module?

How does that help? The OP does not want to recognise a word he wants a robot to move it's jaw as a word is said.