voice recognisation kit AND Arduino Uno

I am trying to do this tutorial .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BjMuE6mdBI

-I am using this guide to get the voice recognisation kit workinghttp://dlnmh9ip6v2uc.cloudfront.net/datasheets/Dev/Arduino/Shields/EasyVR_User_Manual_3.3.pdf -I have a arduino uno, and a EasyVR shield not the EasyVR. -I have tested the voice recognisation with the software VRbot Gui V1.1 and the software was recognizing my voice.

When I put the code in the arduino uno, and run the serial monitor. The first text written is "Trigger" and when I say my trigger word Robot or LED it does not do anything in the serial monitor. It must write reader in the serial monitor but does not.

-Should I retest with putting a LED and a resistor at the pin 12? -I can make a video if you guyswant to see what I have done so far and maybe spot the problem? -any guide?

-Should I retest with putting a LED and a resistor at the pin 12?

What good would that do? If the commands you are saying now don't do anything, adding another one is not likely to make the others start working. Changing what the code that isn't called does is not likely to make that code get called.

I can make a video if you guyswant to see what I have done so far and maybe spot the problem?

No. You could post your code, though.

The code is here http://www.kevindarrah.com/download/arduino_code/VR_BOT_pw.pde

and the video code is a bit different. I am using the code in the wbesite.

 int i;
 char reader;
 NewSoftSerial tx(30,3);// tx on 14
 NewSoftSerial rx(2,30);// rx on 12

If you can't get the comments right in the first 4 lines of code, why should I, or anyone else, read beyond that?

Useless comments are just that. Keep them correct or exercise the delete key.


Only one instance of NewSoftSerial/SoftwareSerial can be active at once. Since rx was just started, tx is not active. Printing to, or reading from, the non-active version is rather useless.

Why have you not upgraded to a more recent vintage version of the IDE?

The code is correct I changed it but the problem is when I try in the arduino. (I wrote the problem above)

 SoftwareSerial tx(30,3);// tx on 14
 SoftwareSerial rx(2,30);// rx on 12

Two instances of SoftwareSerial sharing a pin does not sound like a good idea and I am also intrigued by the comments.

so what I should do?

so what I should do?

Fix the comments.

Properly indent your code; put each { on a new line and use Tools + Auto Format.

Your code looks pretty dumb displayed that way.

done. What can I do to make the code work in the arduino

I have significant experience with EasyVR.

First where are you getting your code from? You should be generating it through the Commander software. It will automatically format your code.

Where is the jumper set on the Shield?

You should be adhering the suggestions from the other replies here. Most notable is using CODE tags instead QUOTE tags. When you paste your code, highlight it, click the # button to insert code tags.

You still aren't posting your code properly. Read this: How to post code properly