Voice Recognition For Arduino

So i wanted to do voice recognition with arduino.i used bitvoicer.but i ahve to manually entry everything i am gonna speak in bitvoicer along with the arduino sketch.is there a way to make it dynamic ? like i don't have to manually entry every word or sentence ?

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No clue on using bitvoicer.

i can use bitvoicer.but i have to manually entry anything.any other way of voice recognizing like siri where whatever i will say arduino can recognize and display it in lcd !

Bitvoicer uses templet matching to recognise a word. Therefore you have to teach it all the words you want it to know.
You can not make it like siri which uses lots of memory and a very fast processor and access to the Internet.

[u]Here is an article[/u] about how Seri works. Of course the "real brains" are running on servers, not locally on your phone.

Dragon Naturally Speaking runs locally on a PC or MAC and it can recognize words & phrase, The computer has enough memory & processing power for a very large vocabulary but it can't really understand context or "language" like Seri.