Voice Recognition question


I want to voice control over Arduino but not sure which set to buy to get best effects. I want (iff possible) be able to voice control in my living room (approx 50m2).

To do this i was thinking to choose on of the options: - Android Voice control via apk (BT Voice Control ) --> Arduino with BT or BLE - here need to have phone with me but should work (without phone not working) - easyVR shield to voice control --> here I have doubts regarding the range of the microphone (is it possible to use stornger one to work with this) - BitVoicer+electret mic and Arduino --> same issue with microphone range. - I was always thinking of implementing voice recognition on Raspberry Pi + google recognition API or other and connect it to Arduino for further actions (here best voice recognition and better mic via USB i.e.) - something else?

Is there a way to connect better mic or standard one will do fine in this case? What range I can have maximally and with what equipement? need to clarify some stuff before making decision on what to buy. 8) 8)

Hello, I actually have a same question with yours. I want to build speech recognition project that will select the pitch frequency and its sound duration..My circuits are made from BPF, rectifier, amplifier mic then connect to analog input in arduino nano v3.0 and bluetooth to connect with Android device.. is that possible for me to use that stuff for making scream voice detection? anybody help us..

Just playing with the EasyVR shield from Sparkfun. The supplied electret microphone is very sensitive. I sometimes find that a problem. It detects a creaking floorboard or fahrting at 5meters distance as a word. Inbuild trigger/wordsets are therefore useless for e.g. controling lights. Better results with adding/training your own commands in two or three steps. First a trigger word, then a command. If the command is not heard within a few seconds, things are reset. Still working on the software... Leo..