Voice recognition software to send command to arduino

Please tell me a speech recognition program through which i can send command to arduino... for example if i say "forward" it sends "W" to com port where arduino will be connected and makes my robot move forward.

For which operating system? Windows 8 has built in support for voice recognition. Using that built in support might not be easy, but that's what you would get to investigate.

You may want to start here: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/using-speech-recognition

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There is also an EasyVR shield which enables your Arduino to do speech recognition on its own - although I get the impression that it is far less accurate than PC-based speech recognition.

If the speech recognition in 8 is anything like it is in 7, don't use it, in a word, it's rubbish. You would probably be better off using the suggestion by PeterH to use the EasyVR shield.