Voice recognition troubleshooting

Hey so I got some code from Youtube and it is used to download voice recordings onto the Geetech voice recognition module using serial monitor. I’ve quintuple checked that everything is wired up correct, but whenever I give it a command like “settings” or “sigtrain 0 turnon” (for recording a new command) it just doesn’t respond and says “Check system settings error or timeout” or “Train with signature failed or timeout.”. What am I doing wrong? I have the baud rate on the correct 115200 and its on newline just like the guy in the video said.


vr_sample_train.ino (27.2 KB)

Can someone please help or even respond? It would be much appreciated

I think you need to go ask " @author JiapengLi".

Better yet just go see his github page for contact info : JiapengLi (Jiapeng Li) · GitHub

-jim lee

whos that? also I went to the github and I cant find how to message them

Open an issue on the github page.

I made an issue.
I did it right, right?


I have a slightly different model than the one used for the code. I thought it would be the same but now I'm not sure.
Here's my vr board: https://www.amazon.ca/Recognition-Microphone-Control-Arduino-Compatible/dp/B07MFJV4B7

Video with the board that they used above^

Any help would be appreciated and I will give you five bagizajillion karma.

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