Voice Recorder/Audio Note Maker

Hey all. I'm in the early stages of a voice recorder project. Here's my end goals.

  • Small enclosure with pushbutton on side, usb cable coming out bottom connected to laptop
  • When button is pressed, device begins listening and saves audio to onboard microSD (5-10 second notes)
  • When button is pressed again, recording stops and data is moved from microSD to folder on computer
  • Audio quality only needs to be good enough so speech is understandable

Here's where I've been learning most of what I know about arduino audio recording: APC’s May 2023 issue is on sale now! | TechRadar. For me, this seems pretty complex. Are there any shortcuts that can be taken? For example component that will record and store for me when given a signal? I've also thought of using the laptop's on-board microphone, which seems like it would be much simpler but may require some extra computer side coding. Any thoughts on this project? Anyone ever done anything similar?

This board I offer

(also available without the screw terminals) provides most of what you need. The prototype area will let you add the little bit of audio components needed to bias the audio signal into the 2.5V steady state range for the ADC.
It's not microSD, those little cards are too small for much handling.

I like it, but unfortunately that's a bit too large for my application. I'm building it for someone else, and they were hoping to have a reasonably small device so it can comfortably be held in hand. I've settled on an Arduino Pro Mini for my processing needs, so I just need help with the audio side of things.