Voice recorder (newbie)

Hi all. I need to build a device that records your voice and plays it back. All needs to work through a button. Since I'm pretty a newbie, I'd like to know if there are some reference for this one.

thanks, Pietro

Hi there!

We also want to know how it works to record and play back voice with arduino. Perhaps someone can help now?



Birgit and Gloria

I think you will need to add some sort of hardware to do this. Then analog outputs on Arduino are a PWM with a period of about 1ms. This will lose all information above 1kHz and make a lot of noise in the audible frequencies. There is a also very little RAM available. You could probably record about half a second of speech.

Maybe what you need is a chip from a cheap voice recorder. Perhaps a Winbond ISD1100 which I suggest only because it is in stock at digikey, comes in a DIP, and has a set of datasheets and application notes online. http://www.winbond-usa.com/en/content/view/167/297/

There are some devices that already provide this functionality for small microcontrollers. In addition to rolling your own as Jim described you should look at one of the devices below:

http://www.efx-tek.com/topics/ap-8.html http://www.quadravox.com/QV606/QV606.htm