Voltage amplifier circuit or Hall Effect Sensor

Hi Guys, I would like to build a voltage amplifier circuit for a hall effect sensor (AH3661UA):

Please see the electrical characteristics in the attached image. It should be powered by 3.0V, the output of the IC is 100-250mV.

I have thought about using the LM358 from texas:
But I’m at the very edge with the supply voltage, also, for my very low power application the 300µA are not perfect. I’ll have to switch on and off the amplifier then.

What are your ideas on this project?
Thank you!

This should be your data sheet. The Output Low Level is between 100 and 250 mV (0.1 volt to 0.250 volt) that is the Ol. The VCC is 2.4 ~ 5.5 volts and when active the high level out is about VCC. Read the data sheet and note the image on page 2 clearly showing Vout. You don’t need an amplifier and your choice of an amplifier would have been a poor choice.

Please, in detail, describe your project.


Are you trying to get an analog output from this sensor?

Its a Hall switch, not an analog Hall sensor. Hence the big diagram in the datasheet showing the
switching hysteresis, the Schmitt-trigger and logic sections in the schematic for it, and the open-drain output

What are you trying to sense/measure?

What is the application, do you need an analog output or a digital level?

Thanks.. Tom.. :slight_smile: