Voltage connections between Arduino and a matrix switch (MT8808)

Hi all,

I'm building a project using an MT8808 matrix switch (I described it here), and I figured out all logical (digital) and switching (analog) connections, as well as the switching logic using 6-bit addressing bus.

However, being new to electronics I'm having hard time figuring out the voltage connections between Arduino and the MT8808.

According to the IC specs, MT8808 has three voltage connectors, Vee, Vss and Vdd. Would anyone help me figure out which Arduino voltage pins should be connected to which MT8808 voltage pins?

The answer is in the datasheet you linked. Did you look at it before posting?

VSS is the ground reference of the digital inputs. The range of the analog signal is from VDD to VEE.

More detail is in the absolute maximums table.

Therefore, the pinout should be:

Chip --> Arduino
VDD --> 5V

Unless your signal range is outside 0 to 5V, in which case the positive and negative supplies should both be at least as big as your signal. Google the words
"split supply"
If you don't know what a power supply with positive, ground and negative is.

Indeed, this was more obvious than I thought. What confused me originally was connecting 2 pins to ground. Also, 3.3V seems to work just as fine as 5V. Thank you both Power_Broker and Grumpy_Mike for help!