Voltage divider and pots

I am trying to lower the voltage on a 10v control signal to use it as input to an Arduino. I was trying to use a voltage divider to get 5V to the pots that are going to be connected to the arduino but I only succeed in doing a “multiple voltage divider” if that makes sense.
What I am trying to do is feed 5V to the pots with a 10V signal. I though I could do it with a voltage divider but looking at the schematic I realize I am only dividing the voltage further.
Could anyone please point me in the right direction :slight_smile:

I haven’t connected the vipers to anything but they were supposed to be connected to three inputs on the Arduino:

This sounds crazy. Especially the part about snakes!

Please describe what you are trying to do and why. What is the source of the 10V control signal? What is the purpose of the 3 pots?

Ask the forum how to solve the original problem. Don't ask the forum how to fix a weird problem you got yourself into while trying to solve the original problem. That's what's commonly referred to as an "X-Y problem".

Isn’t snakes a part of every good design :laughing:
I was trying to make a long story short but I guess that wasn’t such a good idea.
Ok, here it goes:
What I am trying to do is to make a pulse generator to a tig welder.
The tig has an output for a foot pedal which I basically a 10k pot that is regulated with your foot.
The output from the tig is a 10V control signal which is regulated by a 10k pot. My intention was to intercept that signal, do a voltage division magic trick to make it 5V and feed it into the pots regulating power, frequency and low signal level.
That is being done by an Arduino and fed back to the welder via an op amp.
I have got the arduino and op amp setup but I stumbled upon this problem and wanted to understand it better, hence the question.

OK, let's start there. What do you mean by that?

check the voltage drops of the vipers :slight_smile: with a DDM before connected to the Arduino.

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