Voltage divider lag?

Hi guys! I have a PNP Pepperl+Fuchs distance sensor, a very low latency one. My problem is that it's 12v logic.
So it's refresh rate is 2khz this means it's response time it's about ... 500 micro seconds :O.
But again, it's 12v logic :frowning:
So... what's the best low latency solution to convert it to 5v. I'm wondering if a voltage divider would make a difference in response time and if it does in fact impact the time with how much? Aslo i thin i could use a llc (logic level converter) but again it's uses transistors and it may impact the response time.
So, what do you guys think? Which of them (llc or voltage divider) is less laggy?

Sorry for my bad english, english is not my natural language, but i'm trying my best :slight_smile:

Unless you have the skill to convert the circuit of the device, forget it. Putting anything on the output is not going to effect the speed of the internal electronics.

You do need to make sure the voltage on the inputs to the Arduino do not exceed 5v. This may require a voltage divider.


A voltage divider will not slow the response time. I doubt if a logic level converter will either. Most logic devices switch in a few nano-seconds.


It's going to take the ADC around 100us to convert it anyway, so a few nanoseconds here and there isn't going to have any noticeable effect.
A voltage divider is simple and fast.