Voltage Doubling

Hey guys, Im working on a senior design project and I need to double my input voltage to drive a solenoid. My input voltage is 12vDC and my solenoids are 24vdc 6watts. So the solenoids will draw .25amps (6watt=.25amp*24v) I have been looking into charge pumps but im not sure if that would work or not. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Charge pumps are typically low-power things, relative to the power consumed by a typical solenoid…

Yeah i noticed most of the maxim chips are rated for <.5ma

Can you think of something that might work? The dc to dc amplifiers used for cars and stuff are too big for what i need. This is going to be used in a underwater vehicle and space is limited.

Here’s some pre-made units. You could pull the case apart and use the circuits inside.


You can get commercial, potted DC-to-DC converters that have various input and output voltages. Most of them are quite small, though, and may not provide enough power.

That powerstream page is quite a resource. I should have guessed that there would be a lot of things aimed at automotive apps. (If nothing else, there are laptops that use 24V input (some Macs, anyway), and there are probably in-car versions of supplies for those laptops.)

Thanks for all the input. I talked with our electrical team and they were able to arrange for 24v to be supplied directly from the batteries. I also was looking into boost converter circuits. They seemed to allow for higher current draws than charge pumps because they use inductors as the energy storing element instead of capacitors.

Thanks again,