voltage drop on Pin3 duemillanueva

Is there a reason why my output should drop to 0v, when I set the PWM output for Pin 3 to 100%, on the Duemillanueva?

Also, attached is a DFrobot LCD shield, but the pin 3 transfer output is fine until I reach Max output. Again, my output drops to 0 when I do this. I checked the same instance on pin 11 and it works fine.

please, excuse the duplication of this thread topic. I placed it in the troubleshooting section as well, not knowing exactly where to post it.. this forum is specific to pinouts.

Duplicate post deleted.

Post your code - gotta be something funny set up.
Could be pin 3 was previously damaged somehow if 11 works.
5,6,9,10 all work okay? (I think those are the PWM pins).

What if you just take a HIGH from another pin?

Thanks for the post reply.

I found the code error while looking for the code snippet to post FYI, Had a typo in the PWM max setting (256 instead of 255)


That would do it!