Voltage for servo driver board help


I have a PCA9685 servo driver board. I want to control three servos, i have a uk plug 12v 2amp power supply to the Arduino Uno that i can add onto the driver board instead using a barrel jack female adapter and power Uno from usb.

If this safe to do in the servo driver board, can it handle the 12v 2amp power supply?. Thank you.



That PCA9685 board needs a separate (5-6volt?) power supply for the servos (the screw terminal).
You can’t extract power for the servos through the Arduino.

12volt is a poor choice when everything runs on 5volt.

Most servos are rated for 6V to 7.2V. It all depends on the servos you are using, and whatever the servos you must not use a voltage higher than the rating of the large
capacitor on that servo board, or it may burst.

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@pra23 the last link in your post does not work.
This is the image from the first;
Can you post a link to the servos you are going to use please?

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Thanks for your replies.

I am using three SH90 servos. What if I used 5v 2amp charger. See my photo below.

That is a far more sensible power source. Connect it to the servos and the PCA9685 module (or actually through the PCA9685 module ) and the “5V” pin on the UNO but disconnect the “5V” pin whenever you want to plug the UNO (poor choice, Nano is more practical) into USB on your PC for programming or control.

I’d budget at least 1A per servo - 2A for three servos may not be enough and cause problems.

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