Voltage measurement


I am working on a project for which I need to measure very low voltages with my arduino (0.1 mV). Can the arduino measure this? Or do I need another component to amplify this voltage? And if so, what is the minimum voltage to which the low one should be amplified?

Kind regards, Stan

If you use the Internal voltage reference of 1.1V, than you can measure in .00107 increments. High reading for .1V will be 99 to 100.

Can the arduino measure this?

Yes. Accurately? No.

You need to amplify the voltage to use the full range that the Arduino expects.

Crossroads: He is asking to measure .1mV, not .1V! Safe to say, .00107V increments won't help much.

OP: As PaulS said, you need an amplifier.

AND, the amplifier needs to be properly configured and of good quality - do some research on "instrumentation amplifier" - you are getting down into the range where offset and other such factors become a significant part of the readings you are getting (when you are measuring 100 uV (0.1mv)).