Voltage output of a NANO

I'm wondering if the output on the 5v pin should actually be 5V.I'm having a problem with radios and the only thing I've been able to find is the nano only has a voltage of 3V on the 5V pin.And yes I have enough power cuz I use the same set up on an atmega 2560 with no problems.Thanks

You're going to need to explain how you have your power connected to the Nano and what power supply you're using. If you power the Nano with USB is the 5V pin voltage 5V?

I'm using a 2 cell liPo at 7.4 5000mAh .Yes with usb it does output 5V but no matter how I connect the liPo be it the connector or the Vin it will bypass the usb source and not output the 5V. I use this same setup on my mega2560 and it outputs 5v where it should but for some reason not the nano. Im running servos from the nano so I have a breakout board to plug it into that has additional pinouts and a connector for power.I've also disconnected it from the breakout board and just applied the battery to the Vin but still wont output the 5V.