Voltage reduction for analogue pin input Arduino Due


I am planning on recording 4-20 mA output from a pressure transducer on an Arduino due board. I know the boards only like a 3.3v input to avoid damaging them.

Unfortunately the output voltage is not stated and assume its the same as the input which is 9-32v DC (i will probably run it at 12v).

How would people go by lowering this (assuming its required)?

If the output current changes slightly, say across a resistor, it would not strictly be a problem, just as long as the values remain directly proportional to the pressure reading. I can easily recalibrate the the pressure transducer to actual pressure corresponds to mA.



Did you search for Voltage divider ?

Thanks for the reply and yes a voltage divider appears a good simple technique and certainly appears a good solution to voltage variable output transducers.

For example a 0-10 v output would work happily with 3300 and 1700 ohm resistors.

In the this instance the pressure sensors I have are all current output ranging between 0 and 20 mA. What would happen to the current in this instance? (sorry if this is a very obvious)

The current depends on the load, and you are only interesed by the voltage. The current sink should not exceed the pin capabilities (U = R*I):


Thanks, assuming then by adding the resistors you are essentially changing the variable from a mA output to a voltage output!