Voltage regulator question

I need to purchase some voltage regulators for several projects which use the atmega and attiny chips.

Which regulators are good to work with both of them? I saw some 78S05 with 2A output. Is this to high?

Thank you for your help.

It depends on the application, it can't hurt to have extra current capabilities but its not worth the money to buy something expensive when all you need is a little if all you need is less than 1amp and or are only regulating down a few volts a regular lm7805 will work, with maybe a heatsink depending on how much it needs if you need more current or regulating a higher voltage you will need a switching supply

Thank you. That information helps a lot.

For general apps, another reason to go with a physically larger v.reg, such as
a TO220 rather than tiny smt SOT223 as found on many pcbs, is the larger
packages can dissipate a HUGE amount more heat without overcooking.
This seems to be the forgotten part of the formula with many designs.

Having a 1-Amp v.reg is nice, but most of the time you cannot draw 1-Amp
without it overheating. EG, if Vin = 9V and Iload = 1A, then the v.reg will
dissipate Pd = (9-5V) * 1A = 4Watts, which will cause even TO220 packages
to overheat, unless a heatsink is used. Also, at that dissipation, an SOT223
package will probably catch fire [at least smoke a little].