voltage regulator recommendations

I'm looking for recommendations for voltage regulators for a battery powered device that needs a 5V and a 3.3V regulator.

The 5V regulator requires 500mA absolute max; the 3.3V requires 30mA absolute max.

As it's battery powered I'm looking for really low quiescent current draw, that's the main concern, because the MCU will go into sleep mode but still require power from the 3.3V regulator. The other main concern is the drop out voltage as the battery voltage will be around 6.5V max.

Has anyone had good experiences with regulators for a similar project?

For battery powered projects in which the MCU is mostly sleeping, you usually do not need a regulator. In fact, using one defeats the goal of long battery life. The ATMega processors will run on 5 to 1.8 V and draw negligible power when sleeping. See this excellent tutorial.

I like the MCP1700 series. 1.6uA quiescent current, common output voltages, Through-hole or SMD. The 5V version can only supply 250ma max though.