voltage regulators

hi there I am using a TA7805F voltage regulators what works but gets very hot jue to high input voltage (28v), could any one recommend anything beater for the job?

thanks Joe

Use a buck converter instead.

Search eBay for "LM2596 module" for an inexpensive buck converter. Price is around $1 per module.

Use a switching regulator instead of a linear one (such as the 7805) that just dissipates the difference between the input and output as heat. There are many switching regulators around you can search for. For example, LM2575, L4971, etc

The only issue with buck converters to be aware of is the switching noise - they are not suitable for really sensitive analog circuitry. However you can buck convert 28V down to 7.5V or so and then use a 7805 to produce a clean 5V if needed (and far less heat).

For instance you'd never get away with a switching regulator directly powering a microphone amplifier(!)