Voltage Source Accelerometer Resistor Value

Hi everyone,

I am trying to read the output from an Industrial piezoelectric accelerometer.

The accelerometer has a resistance of 30ohms, I was wondering if I would need to subtract this from the resistor that I will require (which I believe is either 110ohms or 132ohms). I am supplying 15V to the accel and the capacitance is 1uf.

Thanks 8)

Perhaps if you told us which accelerometer we could answer... Part number? Datasheet? Something?

Thank you for your reply.

Here's the data sheet, I have it wired up as per the schematic. Just need to figure out that resistor value.


I think I have the value I need.

Does anyone know if plugging an analogue input to one of the digital pins can give me the frequency? I am looking for the Time value to be 0.0001 to match the analogue read of the arduino.


This is why you want an oscilloscope...